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Through Technology

Specialised Monitoring provide bespoke monitoring solutions for any industry.

What we do

We Build End to End
Monitoring Solutions


We leverage the cloud to deliver truly remarkable solutions from local to global scales. Partnering with Amazon Web Services we can ensure your solution will never be too large (or small).


Class leading telco grade solutions for anything from mobile applications to office fitouts to remote field control. Our networking solutions deliver performance with incredible value for money.


We utilise proven hardware platforms designed for robustness, reliability and performance. Our edge devices have been selected with decades of experience to ensure they meet our demands.


Monitor, track, record and visualise anything from vehicle performance to server intrusion attempts. Our dashboarding and visualisation platforms give you live performance data to react quickly to changes.

About Us

Why Specialised?

We are a small team with big ambitions. Well connected with industry leaders, we can deliver projects of any scale. We offer personalised communication with open access to anyone involved in your project. Finally we pride ourselves on our avhievements and how nerdy we are. Always up for a challenge we already know how to solve your technology problems (we just need to meet you first).

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