Hi, my name is Chris. I am a freelance IT consultant dedicated to revolutionising technology in businesses Australia wide. I have spent the last 15 years developing and installing technology solutions that give me the experience required to benefit your SME.

Each business I am introduced to has its own challenges and my passion is to find solutions that bring about the exact changes necessary. Considering this I am here to boldly disrupt the “IT support” paradigm and introduce methodologies that work better, are more cost effective and put you in control. I work closely with you and your team and when you need help you have my direct number to contact.

If you need to fix a technical issue, develop a major software application, upgrade your telephony network or rebuild your IT infrastructure then you need to speak with me!

My consulting services are free if you decide to implement our solutions or if you just need advice and guidance I can be hired by the hour. I can’t wait to help you find a solution!

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